Artistic approach of Yann Lemieux, painter

Artistic approach of Yann Lemieux, painter

Yann Lemieux focuses his art on the image of strength and freedom. The artist exposes them through the realization of silhouettes or female faces in the heart of an energetic and textured plastic language. His objective is to express a conception of these qualifiers attributable to human development and emancipation; he sees in these women a fluid and eloquent transmission of the latter.  

His creative impulse is illustrated by a composition where figures overlap, a play of line and colour made with ultra-low viscosity acrylic paint and then collages, such as texts, personal photographs, sketches or parts of previously painted canvases. With these insertions, which contribute to qualifying the atmosphere in which the characters appear, Lemieux conceives the themes exploited through the image.

 By means of a semi-figurative treatment, the artist achieves a complex dynamic of the pictorial surface. So much so that he provokes the form by tearing the canvas into strips and intersecting the planes on a new support, in order to create a visual where new atmospheres emerge. This process leads him to reflect differently on the plastic result, with the idea of improving his artistic statement and centralizing his discourse on the female image represented. Through his art, Yann Lemieux suggests a singular exploration of content and form. 

by Roxanne Gingras, M.A.

Art historian

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